The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation that kicked off Oct. 31, 2017 technically runs through April 16, 2021 – the Anniversary of Luther’s trial.

In 1517, Luther was an insignificant monk from a back-water town and a second-rate University making a complaint to his Arch Bishop. It could have easily ended at that. By 1521 he was the best-talk of Europe, the best-selling author in1500 years, the hero of peasants and knights, and the one man poised to bring down Popes and Kings.

What would you think about celebrating a Sunday, a summer, or a season between now and 2021 to dig deep into the life and times of the one solitary monk who’s actions led to the end of the Medievel Era and the birth of the Modern Era?

The resources on this site are dedicated to helping you do just that. They include:

CROSS+GEN CONVERSATIONS - Preach and teach from one end of Luther’s Small Catechism to the other. Start in small Cross+Gen Table Talk communities with each commandment, petition and article of the Apostles’ Creed. Share highs and lows, then launch into reading each part of the Small Catechism and Luther’s meanings together. Talk about how the Catechism relates to your highs and lows, engaging the wisdom of the elder and the wonder of the child. Pray for one another with old, wrinkled hands and little pudgy hands clasped. Bless one another with the sign of the cross. Then, with your text study done in a Cross+Gen community, move into worship to share each small group’s insights as part of a thematic sermon, along with your pastor’s insights for the day. The themes you’ll cover include:

  • 6 weeks on the Sacraments and Luther’s explanations

  • 10 weeks on the Apostles’ Creed and Luther’s explanations

  • 10 weeks on the Lord’s Prayer and Luther’s explanations

  • 10 weeks on the Ten Commandments and Luther’s explanations

  • 12 weeks on the history of the Reformation, the heritage it left the world, and the future of the ever-reforming church

GRAPHIC NOVEL – By Dr. Rich Melheim. A stunningly beautiful, humorous and historic treatment on the life of Luther, his quest for peace with God, his bold stance against abuses of the church, and the tectonic shifts in international politics that changed the world. (With special appearances of Emperor Charles V of Spain, King Henry VIII of England, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and Mary, Queen of Hungary (Charles V’s little sister… who later became a Lutheran!)

COLORING BOOKS - Beautiful coloring books on Luther’s early life. Start with the electric storm that sent Luther to the monastery. Move through his struggle to find peace with God, to his Black Tower experience,  to the Wittenberg Church door where he nailed the 95 Theses, to his trial, kidnapping and later life.

TABLE TALKS - Giant Cross+Generational coloring pages with FAITH5 conversation starters built around six themes on Martin Luther’s early life and the birth of the Protestant Reformation.

LUTHER THE ROCK CONCERT - A one-hour cantata of 24 songs by Lost and Found with Marvel-comic quality projection art by Jonathan Koelsch and Sherwin Schwartzrock based on the Graphic Novel.

LUTHER THE ROCK OPERA - A full-length musical in two acts that can be performed with a Cross+Gen cast and crew of 9 to 90 musicians, dancers, band members.

SOUNDTRACKS – Listen to Lost and Found perform the core 24 songs from Luther the Rock Concert or Peder Eide, Rachel Kurtz, Robert Robinson and the original album cast  perform all 46 songs from Luther the Rock Opera.

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