LT09 - Kidnapped!

Scripture of the Week

Take courage, all you people of the land, says the Lord; work, for I am with you, says the Lord of hosts, according to the promise that I made you when you came out of Egypt. My spirit abides among you; do not fear.  — Haggai 2:4-5

Nightly Challenge

Sunday Karaoke:

Highlight scripture in your Bible. Play the karaoke and sing along with the song. What words or phrases jump out at you? Why?

Monday Art Encounter: 

What do you see in the image on the front page? Can you tell this part of Luther’s story?

Tuesday Catechism Encounter: 

To save his life, Luther’s protector had him hidden away in a remote castle in Wartburg, Germany. Flip through Luther’s Small Catechism go on line and find the sectioned called “The Office of the Keys.” What is this all about? What keys is Luther talking about? Are there any connections between these “keys” and Luther’s life in captivity at Wartburg?

Wednesday QuizBowl: 

QuizBowl Logo.jpg

Print this week’s 10 question Quiz Bowl (pdf). Pick a moderator and play the game. Have fun!

Thursday Question: 

Alone in the spooky old Wartburg Castle, Luther often felt the presence of evil. Have you ever felt the presence of evil? When was it? Where was it? What happened?

Friday Role Play:

Act out the scene on the cover. Then, act out this modern scene - A friend is in deep trouble and tells you they are hopelessly depressed. They don’t know if life is worth living any longer. What do you say to them? How can you help them? Incorporate the theme verse (above) in your consolation to them.

Saturday Reflections:

What was your highest high this week? What was your lowest low? Thank and praise God for the highest high. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with the lowest low. Close in Jesus’ name.

This Week’s Blessing

(Name), Child of God, Do not fear! God is with you! Amen.