Meet the Artists

Sherwin Schwartzrock

Design concept, layout, pencils, inks, lettering

Sherwin Schwartzrock is a nationally-awarded illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director who runs his own commercial art studio in Minneapolis. Even though he nearly destroyed his family’s finances working professionally as a comic book artist, those years heavily influenced his work since. Not only did drawing 12 hours a day make him a better illustrator, the medium honed his storytelling skills that he now uses in creating brand narratives for clients every day.


Jonathan Koelsch

Pencils, inks, colorization

Jonathan Koelsch (pronounced “Kelsh”), an award-winning illustrator, discovered his love of art and storytelling while reading his first comic book at 7 years old.      

Jonathan's clients include many advertising agencies, national corporations, and institutions, but his passion is sequential storytelling, including graphic novels, storyboarding and animation.  Presently he is animating and co-directing Even in Death, a short film. He storyboarded Hollywood films in production now in Oklahoma, including Gosnell, and The Washita Valley.  Jonathan worked directly with Hollywood actor and director William H. Macy, storyboarding the movie Rudderless, starring Billy Crudup, Anton Yelchin, Selena Gomez, Felicity Huffman, Lawrence Fishburne and Bill Macy himself.  He has storyboarded many commercials for Target, Carl’s Jr., the OK State Regents, Cambria, and many others, and has designed many illustrated characters for entities like the OKC Thunder (NBA).  Jonathan illustrated several published graphic novels, including !Hero® the Rock Opera graphic novel, and COTU®, the Auto-B-Good® comic book.  Jonathan has illustrated children’s books, including Ditch Witch Jack for Ditch Witch Int., Sooner Born, Sooner Bred for the University of Oklahoma (OU), and recently finished Pistol Pete and Me for Oklahoma State University (OSU). and @jkArts (twitter)