Celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in October 2017 with the stage performance tale of a stormy young monk who defied both church and state, spoke truth to power and placed his life on the line as a “Captive to the Word of God.” Through his bold act of protest and his death-defying choice, the Medieval Era ended and the Modern World began.

Classic rock opera music, Marvel comic quality projected art and stunning 3-D visual sets allow even the smallest team with minimal musicians and cast to put  on a memorable musical performance  in commemoration of these tectonic historical events that shaped our world.


  • 2 hours in length

  • 15 Solo Voices, plus unlimited chorus possibilities

  • 20 songs, with a musical score for entire performance by Lost and Found (Think Joseph)

  • Soundtrack (Both vocals and instrumentals)

  • Lead sheets and piano scores (Add a band if you wish)

  • Set Designs (Projection graphics, plus optional digital set buildings and props to spray-mount on plywood/foam board to give a 3-D feel)

  • Brochure and Promotional Digital Files

  • Performance Rights for up to 6 performances (More upon request)

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