Easter 2017... April 16... A Diet of Gummy Worms (to announce your try outs)

We were thinking of releasing Luther the Musical on April 16 next year to give churches, college theaters and production companies six months from the time they get their scripts and scores to their opening weekend (assuming they'd want to do a three weekend run - starting Oct 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 - and running right up the 500th Anniversary.  So Michael Bridges and I looked at looked at the calendar and April 16 just happens to be Easter Sunday. New life! What a marvelous day to launch. Get done with the church services, go home and eat a delicious meal with your families, then have all of your chosen director, musicians, best choices for Martin and Katie tryouts, etc.,  over Easter Evening for a good Lutheran beer and a read through. Go from start to finish, then get moving on the plans for casting, music, sets, marketing, etc.

So Michael and I are doing our own read through on the Luther Graphic novel (that Lost and Found and Agape will turn to music) and we come to the opening date of the Diet of Worms. 

Yup. April 16. 

So along with Easter Eggs on your tables at the Easter Breakfast a year from now we think you should have on your tables... along with an invitation to try outs.