Junker Joerg

Regarding the panel above, if it doesn't look like the Martin Luther you know, here's the actual woodcut of him from 1521.

After the trial (Diet) in Worms, Luther was condemned as an outlaw. To keep him safe and out of sight, his protector, Elector Frederick, had him kidnapped away to the spooky old Warburg Castle. There he grew his hair and beard out, and disguised himself as a knight. Frustrated and bored, Luther took on the task of translating the Bible from Greek to German... in 11 weeks. 

With Luther out of the picture, the Reformation took on a life of its own. Churches began to give both bread and wine to non-clergy. Preaching took on a new fresh life. Worship music evolved from the Gregorian chants to hymns with instruments. Priests began to marry. Lots of positives and lots of creativity and freedom. 

Then the freedom took an ugly turn. Peasants revolted against Masters, stained glass windows and statues were destroyed. Castles and churches burned. Tens of thousands died. Luther finally came out of hiding to help put down the rebellion. 

Birth is painful and often bloody. Freedom has two sides. It broke Luther's heart.