Getting Ready To Rock the Rock Opera

Getting together with the amazing Todd Ernster (MN Music Hall of Famer) today and Tony Simmons (CEO of today to start the process of turning Michael Bridges and George Baum's music and lyrics for the 25 songs in the Luther Rock Opera into the three-piece offering we'll get to churches/colleges/community theaters who want to do it next fall. There will be a minus mix (instruments only), a minus+background mix (with some rather amazing vocalists... for those who don't have a big band and choir but want to sound like broadway) and the full mix (with instruments, background and solos). Todd has engineered 500+ songs for us over the years at Faith Incubators and the new RICH Learning preschool curriculum. Tony is on our RICH Learning board, and leads the school in St. Paul that one of Prince's band members started for street kids to get their high school diplomas and a trade. 

I'll be with Tony and Michael in LA next week. Tony's school, with 60% homeless teens and 100% graduation rates, is up for the African Ameriican Image award for a project they did last year with the Grammy winning Sounds of Blackness.

If you'd like to support them to bring some of their kids to the awards, here's the link.

And after they win that, LUTHER THE ROCK OPERA!!!