Care to be Part of the World Debut of the Rock Opera in Wittenberg?

Join Rich, Michael, George in Wittenberg June 19-25 and be part of the first cast for the Luther Rock Opera!

Sign up for this historic event and you’ll not only enjoy the festivities Michael and George have set up, but you'll take part in daily sessions with Rich on the nuts and bolts of staging the performance. You'll literally :

* Learn how to attract a top team (Director, Stage Manager, Musicians, Dancers, Marketing Team)
* Discover how the issues of Luther's day and the issues of today collide when brave young people speak truth to power
* Build the first set with Jonathan Koelsch (our graphic novel artist and set designer)
* Conspire together on how to raise significant funds through the performance to support local food shelves, international relief and refugee resettlement projects
*Explore the building of Cross+Gen relationships that can strengthen your community for years to come (there's nothing quite like theater to bond people!)
* And, yes, you'll be on stage June 25 at 9:30 AM for in the world premier of Luther the Rock Opera.

Space is limited for Dr. Rich's private class/coaching on how to tell this world class story in a world class way.  The first 30 who sign up will have a spot. For more information,visit  or contact