(26) Luther the Musical

LUTHER ROCK OPERA - Small Stage/Large Stage Versions

Michael Bridges and George Baum have just finished the recording of the Small Stage Version of the Rock Opera, and it's an absolute fun and funky blast! We're prepping their music for upload this weekend. It will be available in both vocal and instrumental versions to review, along with the comic book art powerpoints, scripts and initial promotional materials shortly thereafter. The Small Stage Version will debut live on stage June 23 at the Stadthaus Theater in Wittenberg http://wittenberger-stadthaus.de before we put the final tweaks on it and send the finalized scripts, projections, pdf props and set-building instructions to churches who want to perform it in October. This version can be done with minimal props, costumes and musicians. Press "play" on the powerpoint with music embedded and start singing! The Large Stage Version's orchestration with coaching by Michael Rapp (musical director for Broadway's Jesus Christ Superstar) will be ready for downloading and consideration June 15, with final tweaks in the scripts and animations delivered July 15. This version will feature vocals by Rachel Kurtz, Peder Eide, Robert Robinson (Twin Cities Gospel Choir), Sarah Renner, Tonia Hughes, John Hermann, and... just signed... Joe Davis (who sings with Agape). This version can be as simple or elaborate as you wish to make it. Full costumes, staging, 3-D props and animations by Jonathan Koelsch and advanced director's notes will show you the options to make this a whole-community 500 year event! Both versions will include a direct link to a new Lutheran World Relief fund-raising efforts with refugees in Alepo, coffee farmers across the globe and a renewed effort in Cross+Generational guilt-making. More on that soon. For now, email me directly if you'd like an immediate pdf of the script, and links to the music and promotional materials within a week or so. rich@faithink.com.