Need a simple, fun and effective way to start faith talk between the generations?

Table Talks are giant Cross+Gen coloring posters and conversations starters with the basic of FAITH5 built right in. All you need is a table, a box of crayons or colored markers, and 6-8 people from multiple ages and stages.

Take your seats. Share high and lows with someone of another generation. Around the edges you’ll find space to literally write your  partner's highs, lows and a prayer. Then start coloring the Marvel Comic-style graphic novel as the page walks you through the “share, read, talk, pray, bless” enrichual! (sic!)

Along with the cartoon, there’s a key scripture for the week, a Catechism Encounter, Bible Time, Questions to Ponder and a fun Role Play. Use Table Talks as a stand-alone product, or combine it with the full-color PowerPoint, Bible Song, Prayers and Reader's Theater script from Faith Inkubators Cross+Gen Catechism. In this first set (Luther Act 1) you’ll learn the story of the first third of Martin Luther’s Life, from his stormy calling to his nailing the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Door. Acts 2 and 3 in Luther’s life will follow in the fall of 2016, getting you ready for 2017 - the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Coloring books, a graphic novel, and a full-length stage production - Luther the Musical - are on the way from Faith Inkubators to help you celebrate.

Hey, every 500 years you might as well get in touch with your identity! Table Talks Cross+Gen is a great way to start.

PS - An entire year of Table Talks sheets, worship aids and curriculum are being prepared to help you preach and teach from one end of the Small Catechism to the other. It’s called the “Cross+Gen Catechism” and it is designed for a every week in church, and every night in every home with FAITH5. Sign up now for the latest information and samples as they are released.