Luther the Rock Opera: The Soundtrack

by Lost & Found

Get a feel of the fun and flavor of the music from Luther the Rock Opera.

The most popular Lutheran musicians since Bach and Beethoven are writing the lyrics and music, along with top Twin Cities (MN) arrangers and a team of high schoolers from the High School of Recording Arts. 

Lost and Found, who put in 5,000,000 miles over the last 25 years singing in Lutheran circles, are pounding the graphic novel into verse in their unique “Speedwood” musical style with humor, energy and emotion.  Songs in the Rock Opera range from classic Rock and Roll, to ballads, to Broadway, to Rap. (Only Pope Leo gets to rap!) Songs include:


Song 1 “Turmoil, Lust and Power” 
(Rock) Katie and Chorus

Song 2 “Burn Hus”
(Rock/Screamo)  Jan Hus and Chorus

Song 3 “Save Me, St. Anne”
(Rock Ballad)  Luther

Song 4 “Cloistered” 
(Folk Rock) Abbot, Luther and the Monks

Song 5 “Velcome to Vittenberg” 
(Waltz)  Staupitz, Luther and Chorus

Song 6 “Ave Maria/Roman Holiday”
(Honky Tonk) Luther, 3 Priests, 3 Prostitutes, 3 Hawkers, Chorus

Song 7 “Students” 
(Motown ) Staupitz, Frederick and 3 Background Singers

Song 8 “What Kind Of God?” 
(Rock Ballad)  Luther

Song 9 “Notorious L.E.O.” 
(Rap) Leo, 4 Cardinals

Song 10 “Indulgence Carnival”
(Carnival) Tetzel, Luther, Students, Chorus

Song 11 “Spread It Around”
(Rock) Katie and Chorus

Song 12 “No Trouble At All Reprise”
(Motown) Staupitz, Frederick, Chorus

Song 13 “Inquisition” 
(Rap) Leo, Cajetan, Ek, Chorus

Song 14 “Under An Open Sky”
(Rock Ballad)  Luther, Frederick 

Song 15 “Bull Rap” 
(Rap) Leo, Cardinals, Luther, Students

Song 16 “Diet of Worms” 
(Rock) Luther, Students

Song 17 “I Like This Monk”
(Broadway Humor)  Katie, Ulrick, Knights, Barmaids, Chorus

Song 18 “A Mighty Fortress” 
(Rock Hymn) Luther, Chorus

Song 19 “You Ask Me To Explain”
(Rock Ballad)  Luther

Song 20 “Simple Matter, Excellency”
(Humor) Aleandro, Luther, Chorus

Song 21 “Captive To The Word Of God”
(Rock) Luther

Song 22 “Kidnapped”
(Rock Instrumental)  Chorus

Song 23 “Junker George” 
(Folk Rock) Knights, Barmaids, Chorus

Song 24 “Katie’s Song”
(Ballad) Katie

Song 25 “Plant a Tree”
(Rock Ballad)  Luther, Katie, Chorus

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